All Brides On A Budget Need To Know About This $50 Costco Wedding Cake Hack

Costco’s Big Secret When it comes to weddings, we all know that they end up costing a pretty penny. If you do some Googling, some Pinterest searching, and some DIY Ways reading, you can save a ton of money. Exhibit A: the perfect wedding cake, made from Costco cakes and Trader Joe’s flowers… for $50.

21 Wedding DIYs That Will Make Anyone’s Special Day The Best It Can Be

Wedding DIYs Last week, two of my best friends from college finally got engaged. It had been a long time coming, and all of us were expecting it, but that didn’t mean my group of friends wasn’t over the moon. Now that they’re engaged, they’re beginning to plan their wedding, which they hope to have

Gorgeous DIY Cuts The Price Of Wedding Invites In Half

Wedding Invites Made Cheap & Easy With Valentine’s Day on its way, we all know love is in the air, and with that in mind, a lot of people might be getting engaged! If you are one of those people… congratulations! After you take in the moment and it fully sets in that you’re getting

Wedding or Summer Party Coming Up? Make Your Own Photo Booth

Photo booths are a huge hit lately. I see them at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers… they’re everywhere! Making a photo booth with a ton of props, a cute backdrop, and more is surprisingly easy.  Here’s what you’ll need: A camera or iPad Tripod and/or someone to take photos Cardboard Spray paint/Glitter Spray/Chalkboard Spray Scissors

How To Make Roses From Paper Towels

How To Make Paper Towel Roses

These days paper flowers are being used for all sorts of occasions. I have seen them at weddings, all sorts of events, and paper flowers make a perfect option for home decorating. I recently found this paper towel rose tutorial by Jarine’s Crafty Creations on YouTube, and I had to make some of these for

These Viral Giant Paper Flowers Are Surprisingly Simple To Make

Paper flowers are stunning, but they can be a little intimidating. They look so difficult to make, so I never even tried to make some. Then, I decided to look up some tutorials and finally give it a try. Long story short, I was wrong, and I’m really happy that I was. Making paper flowers

Rustic Mason Jar Lantern: The Easiest DIY You’ll Ever Do

Mason jars are one of the most well-known DIY supply pieces. You see them everywhere: at weddings, in kitchens, decorating the shelves of restaurants and more. Recently I went to a new restaurant that opened up in town with a couple of friends. Yes, the food was absolutely delicious, but the rustic decor really caught

Beautiful Flower Cookies Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

Spring Cookies Spring is here, meaning it’s time for adorable desserts that remind me of spring time. These cookies are as spring as it gets, and they’re super simple. YouTube channel Bride Society suggests using these as favors at a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, or another fun daytime party. Personally, I’m going to make

How To Transform A Pickle Jar Into Gorgeous Rustic Decor

For The Love Of Pickles My family always has a big ol’ jar of pickles in our fridge. At all times, whenever we need a salty snack only a pickle can satisfy, we can go into the fridge and grab one. Needless to say, we have gone through quite a few pickle jars through the years.

Radiate Magic This Halloween By DIYing A Harry Potter-Inspired Costume

Over the last 20 years, the Harry Potter series has taken the world by storm. With 7 books, 8 movies,  merchandise, and even a theme park, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry has left its mark. People of all ages use the Harry Potter universe in their daily lives: room decorating, themed weddings, and perhaps

How to Turn Dollar Store Treasures Into Mason Jar Wine Glasses

In need of some new wine glasses? Not wanting any of the plain ones you can buy in-store? With just 3 easy-to-find dollar store items, you can make these awesome redneck wine glasses and spice up your next dinner party! These redneck wine glasses have a ton of benefits over the store-bought ones. With a