All Brides On A Budget Need To Know About This $50 Costco Wedding Cake Hack


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Costco’s Big Secret

When it comes to weddings, we all know that they end up costing a pretty penny. If you do some Googling, some Pinterest searching, and some DIY Ways reading, you can save a ton of money.

Exhibit A: the perfect wedding cake, made from Costco cakes and Trader Joe’s flowers… for $50. You read that right. For only $50, you can have the cake of your dreams.


Jessica Hoyle-King from San Antonio, Texas was one of the people who helped her brother create an amazing wedding on a DIY budget. The $50 cake was the star of the show at their wedding.

With two Costco cakes ($18.99 each) that were cut apart, stacked, re-iced with buttercream icing, and covered with $10 of Trader Joes flowers. There ya go, a $50 cake. Genius, right?

Jessica’s new sister-in-law’s brother-in-law, a chef, (@chefjwarley on Instagram, if you’d like to see his work for yourself,) was in town from England and got to work on the cake.

Apparently, he threw it all together in a couple of hours at the venue the day before the wedding, using what was given to him.

Jessica explained her brother and her whole family are very hands-on and try to save money by DIYing as often as possible.

The happy couple, Jeremy and Gosia love to travel and they wanted to save for their honeymoon in Rome rather than spend on the wedding. 

Regardless of how little they spent, they ended up having a gorgeous wedding nonetheless. Lots of the wedding was made thanks to recycling, help from friends, and Hobby Lobby sales.

Jessica and her mother picked wildflowers on the side of the road, flowers and rosemary from her mom’s garden, and they literally stopped at Trader Joes on the way to the reception venue for some greenery.

It’s crazy what you can do with a resourceful mind and a knack for DIY! Need some more DIY wedding ideas? We’ve got you covered.

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