Rustic Mason Jar Lantern: The Easiest DIY You’ll Ever Do


TheSorryGirls / Facebook

TheSorryGirls / YouTube

Mason jars are one of the most well-known DIY supply pieces. You see them everywhere: at weddings, in kitchens, decorating the shelves of restaurants and more.


Recently I went to a new restaurant that opened up in town with a couple of friends. Yes, the food was absolutely delicious, but the rustic decor really caught my eye, especially one thing in particular.

It was these mason jar lanterns. They hung over each table, glowing and completely distracting me from the conversation at the table. Where did they get these? Could these be in my house, too?

The answer to that second question was yes. I took a look online and realized that not only could I get these mason jar lanterns in my own home, but I could save some cash and make them.

YouTube channel TheSorryGirls made it super easy for me. They found a way to make these, and they look almost identical to the ones in the restaurant. Awesome, right?

If you wanna follow along with their video below and make your own amazing mason jar lanterns, you’ll first want to grab all of the supplies needed. You will need:

Believe it or not, this may be the easiest DIYs you’ll ever do. Start by taking apart your mason jar. Then, use your pen of permanent marker to mark the inside of the lid with the cord set measurement.

Use your hammer and nails to nail holes into the circle you marked, then use your pliers to remove that circle. Spray paint whatever part(s) you deem necessary.

Add your cord set to the open hole in the lid, then add your lightbulb. Screw this into your mason jar, and you’re ready to hang it up however you’d like!

Turn it on however you’d like, and you’re done! Check out the video below to get started on your own.