21 Wedding DIYs That Will Make Anyone’s Special Day The Best It Can Be


DIY Dalia / YouTube


Wedding DIYs

Last week, two of my best friends from college finally got engaged. It had been a long time coming, and all of us were expecting it, but that didn’t mean my group of friends wasn’t over the moon.


Now that they’re engaged, they’re beginning to plan their wedding, which they hope to have next year. Unfortunately, they’ve been given the rude awakening that weddings are very expensive.

That’s right. Not to be a Debbie downer, but after you buy the dress, book your venue, send out your invites and decorate the place, your pockets will probably be on the empty side.

Fortunately, the internet exists, so you can look up a ton of DIY ideas that will make your wedding a whole lot less expensive. Just take it from YouTuber DIY Dalia. She DIY’ed her whole wedding!

So if you’re getting married soon like my friends are, or you know someone who is, let’s go over these DIYs so that special day is as memorable and inexpensive as possible, shall we?

Here are my top 5 in writing. The other 16 can be viewed in the video by DIY Dalia at the end of this article.

DIY Cake Stands

Save a ton of money by making your own cheap cake stands! All you need are some glass (or faux glass) plates, some clear candle holders, and some E6000 glue.

You can watch the tutorial above for Dalia’s step by step instructions.

DIY Wedding Invites

Dalia did her invites through Paperless Post, but if for some reason you want to go down the more traditional route, we’ve got a great tutorial for making your own invites. Click here to see it!

Seating Chart DIY

DIY Dalia / YouTube

If you have Photoshop or something similar (Dalia suggests something called Canva which is completely free), you can design your seating chart on there.

Then just get it printed at the cheapest print shop nearby, put it in a wooden frame, and place it on an easel. Easy!

DIY Veil

Dalia describes how her veil was made in her video below, but if you want a written tutorial for a veil, we have one for that! Click here to see it.

Greenery Chandeliers

DIY Dalia / YouTube

This one may be my favorite. With some dollar store hoola hoops, you can create the most gorgeous faux-greenery chandeliers. Watch Dalia explain how it’s made in her video below!


What wedding DIYs will you try?