Transform Thrift Store Clothes Into The Outfit Of Your Dreams


Haley's Corner / YouTube


Thrift stores are my everything. I feel like half of my wardrobe comes from the thrift store, and if it’s not from the thrift store, it’s from the clearance rack.


The secret to being stylish at the thrift store? It’s called thrift flipping. Find things that you think have potential, then transform them!

There are so many ways to do this. From distressing and cutting denim, to adding iron-on patches, to creating crop tops and more, thrift flipping is the best way to look great on a budget.

First thing’s first: the thrifting. If you have no idea where to start, there are a few methods I like to use. Shop for brands, for patterns, and for styles. Check out this video by Haley’s Corner to see the basics of what I mean.

For example, brands like Calvin Klein and Fila are super popular right now. They also tend to make a lot of appearances at the thrift store. Grab things from popular brands, fix them up, and boom, instant style.

Shopping for patterns helps too. Look for things you’re into, whether that’s floral, acid wash, band T-shirts, or something else entirely. Be on the look out for prints you can play with.

Styles are the easiest thing to look for. These don’t need to be fixed up much if at all, and are items that are completely in their prime.

Now that you’ve grabbed your items, it’s time to fix them up. The video below goes into detail on how to do this without any sewing involved.

If you want to use a sewing method, you can watch videos like this one by JENerationDIY for some tips and tricks.

All you’ll need is some fabric scissors, fabric glue, and so on, depending on the project. The video below will give you everything you could possibly need to help you do this.

If you want to know how to make your own iron-on patches for any thrift DIYs, click here.

Have fun thrift flipping!