Sew Up A Faux Fur Coat In Just A Few Stitches


Paula Garmaz / EyeEm / Getty Images


Fall is here, and that means it’s chilly outside. Even though it’s cold, you still wanna be fashionable, and that’s where this adorable faux-fur coat comes in.

You can create your own pattern for making this. If you have a jacket to model your new jacket after, you can trace the bodice and use it as the pattern (both front and back).


As for the arms, you can measure your reference jacket’s arms around and down, then create a pattern out of that. After you have finished your measuring, it’s time to cut your pieces of fabric.

Cut out all of the fabrics necessary, making sure to add another 1/2″ or so for seam allowances. Then, you’re going to stitch it all up.

Need help knowing how to sew up faux fur? Click here for some extra tips and tricks for working with this fabric, and don’t be afraid to get creative to get the results you’d like!

Once you finish stitching together a piece, you’ll want to make sure that the fabric is all going in the same direction.

You can also create a collar, cap sleeves, or whatever else you feel is necessary for your perfect fur coat.

Keep stitching together each piece until you finish the full coat, and you’re ready to hit the town!

What kind of projects would you make from faux fur?