Faux Fur Fabric Hacks Every Sewing Fanatic Should Know


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


When it comes to fall and winter, faux fur is is a fabric you may want to work with. If you’re anything like me, you may have realized working with it can be a bit intimidating.


The trick to sewing with faux fur is working with the nap.

Nap is basically the grain of a fabric– if you run your hand over it, the fabric will move, and when you rub your hand the opposite direction, the fabric will change in appearance.

Fabrics that have nap in addition to faux fur include velvet and corduroy. Working with them is a lot easier than it appears.

Laura Ann Coia from SewVeryEasy puts together a simple faux-fur throw using the nap to her advantage.

You’ll need two pieces of faux fur to work with, a marker to mark which way the nap goes, and of course, a way to sew it up.

Before you even start sewing, make sure you mark the direction of the nap with an arrow. Then lay the two pieces of fabric right sides together.

When you lay them right sides together, make sure the arrows are going the same direction, then sew along the nap. Leave a big enough gap to be able to flip it right side out before you finish sewing.

Watch Laura finish up this throw in the video below, then get to making one yourself!