Mac & Cheese Is 73 Times Better By Making It With A Waffle Iron


MosoGourmet / YouTube


There may be nothing better in this world than mac & cheese.


That is, unless you add another layer to it and make your regular mac & cheese recipe even better! Here’s one way: by using a waffle iron.

I know it sounds crazy, but waffled mac & cheese is probably the best way to integrate toppings into your mac, and it’s perfect for dipping. Can you imagine mac & cheese dipped in ranch? I can.

To get started, use your favorite mac & cheese recipe. Joanna Gaines has a delicious one you can try by clicking here, or if you like something with a kick, try pimento mac & cheese by clicking here!

Then, it’s as easy as chilling your leftover mac overnight and using your waffle iron to cook it into crispy, crunchy waffle patties!

Depending on what cheeses you used, you can go for sweet or savory toppings and dips with this one. That, and it’s way less messy than traditional mac– you can eat it with your hands!

Cook the waffle mac until you don’t see steam anymore, but check after about 3 minutes to make sure you aren’t burning the mac. You want a crunch, not a singe!

Check out Pinch of Yum‘s video below for more detailed instructions on how to get this perfect, then give it a shot yourself!