If You Aren’t Using An Easy Leaf Table Runner This Fall, You’re Doing It Wrong


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


Table runners are perfect for decorating important meals. Not only that, but they put a quilting project into a much smaller scale, meaning you can get it done fast!

This maple leaf table runner is simple to complete and is perfect for fall decorating. If you don’t have this on your table this Thanksgiving, you’re doing it wrong.


The pattern Donna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics provides is really simple to do. It’s quite similar to a quilt Donna did in the past, but this one is better for a wider variety of reasons.

For one, this pattern is free. You can get it by clicking here.

Second of all, it doesn’t take a lot of fabric to make, so you can cut into some fabric scraps for this one and easily make something beautiful out of it!

A lot of this runner is made out of half square triangles and full squares of fabric. The cuts and stitches that are made to put this together are easy for any skill level.

When you make this table runner, you’ll be surprised at how easily it comes together. I felt like I could make multiple of these in one night!

Want to give this easy table runner a shot yourself? Check out Donna’s easy-to-follow tutorial below and give it a shot yourself!

Happy Fall!