Get In The Fall Spirit With This Easy Leaves Quilt


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


Summer is almost over this year, meaning it’s time to get in the autumn spirit. You can make quilts themed toward fall holidays, but I like to take it a step further with fall leaves which really embody the season.

This quilt, taught by Jordan Fabrics on YouTube, is made up of blocks that look like falling leaves.


To make these blocks, all you’ll need to do is create some variations of half-square triangles using strips in varying sizes. As for the stem, that can be done by piecing or the technique Jordan lays out below.

I love how the full quilt turns out. Depending on how you arrange the leaves, it can look like leaves actually falling off a tree!

If you want to go for more classic colors, I’d go with fabrics in browns, burgundies, oranges, reds, and dark greens. Any fabric will look incredible with this though!

I like to switch out the quilt in my guest room every season, and I can’t wait to put this one on display. I’m almost finished and I think my family and friends will love it!

Check out Jordan’s video below to give this pattern a shot. It’s unbelievably easy!

What pattern will you be doing this fall?