A Toothpick Creates These Nail Designs


cutepolish / YouTube


Painted Nails

Throughout my life, I have always gotten my nails done by other people. I’m just not good at doing my nails, and whenever I did them myself beyond a plain color, they looked horrible.


I always wanted to make my nails pop, but never thought I could do them myself. That is, until I saw this video by cutepolish!

I’m happy to say I was wrong. All I needed to do was grab a toothpick, and my nails could look just as good as when I get them done at the salon!

YouTuber cutepolish gave us 5 easy designs to choose from, and all of them are adorable for the season of spring. 

My favorite design is definitely the little bumble bee, and with the floral patterns you can do, it’s a super cute spring nail design! Without further adieu, let’s learn how to do them.

5 Adorable Designs

Before anything, make sure you’ve painted on your base coats of polish, the solid colors. From there, you can begin your intricate designs.


After your base coat, use your toothpick to draw little daisy petals. Then, you can add the center of your flowers. She used glitter, and it looks too cute!


My favorite thing about this design is the fact that they look so much like not only the lilacs that they’re supposed to be, but they also look like lavender or even grapes!

Use your toothpick to make leaves along the tip, then dot multiple purples above the leaves to create your flowers. Simple!

Paint Drip

This one is one of my favorites, and we’ve already written an in-depth tutorial on how to do this! Click here to learn the art of the paint drip nail.

Bumble Bee

Begin by painting a little yellow blob, then use your toothpick to draw black dots around the bee to look like a little trail. Once the bee’s body dries, you can add the details.

Add the stripes, some eyes, some wings, and you’re done!

Sprouting Plant

Use your toothpick to draw a little stem, and add leaves on each side. Then, use a brown to create a little dirt at the tip. So cute!


Watch the video below for more tips and tricks on how to get this done, and enjoy your salon-quality nails!