4-Patch Star Quilts Quickly & Beautifully


Fons & Porter / YouTube


Like a lot of star designs, the entire block is made of many sub-blocks. It’s construction is similar to the Brava Star, so if you’ve done a project like that before, then you’ll love this.


In my opinion, this quilt design is even easier than the Brava Star. Just cut some strips, some squares, and some triangles, stitch them together, and you’ve got your block!

Okay, so maybe that’s the simplified version. Each block is made up of four sub blocks, and these sub blocks are each made of 7 pieces of fabric.

Cut a strip of one patterned fabric and cut a little diagonal triangle out of it. A triangle of background fabric will be put in its place. You’ll do this twice with different sizes/colors of fabric, as shown in the video below.


So that makes 4 of the 7 pieces of fabric. For the other 3, you’ll be making a square. Half of this square, split down the middle will be background fabric.

Half of the other half will also be background fabric, and the other half will be pattern fabric in a different patterned fabric.

Once you arrange these with the background fabric facing outwards on all four corners, you’ll stitch, and your full block will be finished!

I promise, it sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. Watch Fons & Porter‘s video below, then make your own!