If You Know This Easy Quilting Skill, You Can Quickly Make A Brava Star Quilt


Fons & Porter / YouTube


The Brava Star quilt pieces together a ton of common quilting techniques to create an enormous block with a ton of character. It’s one of my favorite blocks to make, and surprisingly it’s really easy!

To make this, you’ll need multiple colorful fabrics as well as a background fabric. Like many patterns, this is built from a ton of half square triangles.


Per star, you’ll have 16 squares and 12 of them will be half square triangle blocks. With all of the varying fabrics, you can arrange these to be an explosion of color, or tone it down a bit for a more muted block.

The trick to getting this quilt perfect is in the arrangement. There are multiple blocks needed to make the final block, including a colorful one in the center made of 4 half square triangles.

So all you need to know is how to make half square triangles!

Cut your fabrics and sew them into 4 squares, then sew those 4 squares together to a bigger square, and you’ll make other blocks around it to form a star.

Once you create your monstrous star blocks, you sew those together, create your border(s), sew in your batting and sew on your backing, and you’re done!

Watch Fons & Porter create this amazing quilt in the video below, then you can get started on your own!