You’ll Go Batty Over This Easy DIY Halloween Garland


MadeByMarzipan / YouTube


One of my favorite things about Halloween is decorating, especially if I get to make those decorations myself. They always turn out so precious and even more unique!

Recently I stumbled upon a tutorial by madebymarzipan that shows you how to create a hanging garland of bats! I though it was absolutely perfect for the Halloween season.


All you’ll need is:

  • 1/2 yard of black felt (that way you don’t need to finish the edges, since felt doesn’t fray)
  • some stuffing for the bats
  • ribbon to string the bats on
  • rhinestones or something else to use as little eyes for the bats
  • madebymarzipan‘s free pattern, which you can find by clicking here.

First, print out your pattern, then cut out your felt pieces. With 1/2 yard, you should be able to cut 18 bat shapes, which would make 9 bats total.

Take one of your bat pieces and sew it to the ribbon you’ll be using for hanging. Space out the bats and continue all the way down until you’ve used half of the bat cutouts.

Place the other halves on top of the bats that are attached to the ribbon.

Sew the bats up, leaving a small opening to stuff. Stuff the bats, then stitch shut. Glue on your little eyes, and hang up the garland!

For more in-depth steps, check out’s written instructions by clicking here!

Happy Halloween!