You’ll Be Dreaming Of This White Christmas Margarita


Delish / YouTube


The Christmas meal seems to be planned and celebrated so much year after year, but when you’re hanging out with your family and wanna have a little fun, you need to get going on Christmas drinks.

Particularly, the White Christmas Margarita. This incredible drink by Delish packs a lot of holiday flavor into a tiny, boozy package, and it couldn’t be any more delicious.


Luckily, mixing up this marg is beyond easy, and the ingredients are really easy to get ahold of. In fact, you may already have some if not all of them!

Here’s what you’ll need:

As for making the margarita, you’ll want to blend together some ice and the liquid ingredients. For exact instructions on getting that perfect, click here.

Then it’s time to garnish the glass. Do that according to the video down below, then it’s ready to drink. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be having a few of these during the holidays.

Watch Delish‘s video down below, then get to mixing up this drink for your holiday party. Enjoy (responsibly, of course)!


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