You Need Just 2 Ingredients To Make Delicious Edible Slime


Karina Garcia / YouTube


As the slime trend continues, I’m always looking for interesting recipes to try. There are so many different options, but I recently realized there was one I had never made before– edible slime.

That’s right, you can make slime that you can play with, then eat. Talk about not letting anything go to waste!


Not only is it edible and delicious, but this is probably one of the easiest slimes I’ve ever made. You need 2 ingredients, both of which you can get at the grocery store.

All you need is some Starburst candies, and some powdered sugar.

Yeah, really. Here’s how you do it.

Put some Starbursts in a glass bowl. Gently boil some water in a separate saucepan over the stove. Place the bowl of Starbursts over the boiling water.

Make sure the water is only covering the bottom of the bowl, and not submerging the candies. Gently melt the Starbursts, stirring occasionally until they’re completely melted.

Lay out some powdered sugar on a work surface. Make sure the melted candy has cooled off enough for you to handle, then scrape it on to the powdered sugar. If you need to, spray your hands with cooking spray.

Knead the candy with the powdered sugar until it turns into slime! It should stay this way for a couple of hours, then once you’re done playing, you can eat it.

This stuff is actually delicious, so have fun and enjoy!