You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried Barbecued Peaches


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Southern BBQd Peaches

It may sound unorthodox, but peaches are for more than just baking into cobblers and pies. There’s so much peaches aren’t usually used for that are beyond delicious, and I’ve found one of them.


This comes from Chef John at Food Wishes, my favorite YouTube chef. He’s opened my eyes to a ton of interesting recipes, but this one has got to be my favorite so far. I was so surprised by how good it was.

Covering sliced peaches in your favorite barbecue sauce, then grilling them over hot coals makes them the most delicious summer barbecue side dishes ever.

It sounds like a super simple dish, but there’s plenty of complex flavor involved in these little guys, and there are a couple of specific techniques you need to know in order to pull this off.

First, make sure you get something called free stone peaches. When you go to the grocery store, you can ask someone in the produce department to help you find them.

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Basically, it just means the pit in the middle comes out instantly when you split the peach in half. Simple enough, right?

Now on to the actual preparation. This pretty much goes without saying, but be sure to wash your peaches thoroughly. After this, cut your peaches in half and remove the stone.

Grab a sharp knife and score your peach a little further than halfway down. After that, paint on the barbecue sauce of your choice to the inside of your peach. Be generous here.

Now lay this down on your grill over hot coals, skin side down. Let it sit there until you begin to see the sauce develop little bubbles. That’s how you know the peaches are heated through.

Now you’re ready to serve! You can easily remove the charred skin if you want to. These go great with all sorts of barbecued meats. Try using a different sauce than what’s on your meat for the best possible plate. You can thank me later.

Check out the video below and then get started on your own. Enjoy!

Food Wishes / YouTube