Shabby Chic Quilt Pattern Is Made From Fabric Squares


Fons & Porter / YouTube


This is a very easy way to make a quilt that looks really complicated. It’s such a fascinating design and quite different from most of the quilt designs I’ve seen.

Get creative and choose a beautiful combination of fabrics that you love. You’ll have a stunning quilt once it’s done.

The design looks amazing on a bed or draped over a chair. It gives whatever you place it on a shabby chic look.
In this tutorial, the Fons & Porter staff show you how to make the “Cabin Rose” quilt in their step by step tutorial. You can buy the digital pattern here for $6.95.

Stitching it together is relatively simple. If you start with a jelly roll, a rotary cutter and a quilting ruler, you’ll have the finished product done in no time.

I decided to take the tutorial and do my own spin on it. I made one center square, a first border, a second border, a third border, and then cut them into 4 squares to get the same result much faster.

The inner square was a 4″ square, with an added 2″ border all the way round. Then increase this to a 8″ square, then another 2″, and you get a 12″ square, then another 2″ yields a 14″ square.

Cut that into quarters, you get the same result, but that was my own experiment. Following the tutorial is the only fool-proof way to get the finished result.

Watch Fons & Porter’s video below and get started on this log cabin quilt. You’ll be showing it off in no time!