You Can Make This Easy DIY Fidget Spinner With Dollar Store Supplies


Katherine Elizabeth / YouTube


Fidget spinners are everywhere. They’re used as toys, distractions, and even as therapy for people with autism and other sensory conditions. Whether you use it as a tool or a toy, fidget spinners are a great thing to have around, so why not make one yourself?

Surprisingly, fidget spinners are pretty easy to make. YouTuber Katherine Elizabeth proves that you don’t need to buy weight bearings or anything technical. You can make it using just a few dollar store items!


Here’s what you need to make a fidget spinner:

Katherine Elizabeth / YouTube
  • A hot glue gun & hot glue
  • A pen
  • Magnets
  • Foam poster board
  • Self stick gems (you can use circular pieces of foam board if you’d like)
  • Scissors
  • A straw
  • A skewer
  • A push pin
  • Fidget spinner template

First, place your template on your poster board and trace it with your pen. Then grab some scissors and cut out your fidget spinner. Place your template back on the spinner and use your push pin to poke a hole in the center.

Use your skewer to push through that hole and make it bigger. Push your straw through that hole. You only want the straw to stick out a little bit, so you’ll want to cut off the excess. It will look something like this from the side.

Katherine Elizabeth / YouTube

To make the straw secure, glue it in place with hot glue around each end of the straw. Then you’ll want to stick your wooden skewer back in and trim it so a little bit is sticking out of each side. Katherine’s was 1 inch in total.

When that’s all finished, glue your gems to the ends of the skewer. Apply some hot glue and stick down your gem, and hold it in place until it’s dry. Repeat on the other side.

For the fidget to have spinning power, you’ll need to glue some weights to each end of your template. She uses magnets to do this. To make it spin faster, she glues magnets to the other side as well.

Once that’s all dry, you’re all ready to spin! Be sure to share this with your friends so they can make their own spinners too!