You Can Finally Become A Mermaid With This DIY Blanket


The Sorry Girls / YouTube


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a mermaid. I loved the ocean, and the idea of being able to live there was just so cool.

Now, mermaids are everywhere. If you need something, anything, in a mermaid theme, you can find it. Oddly enough, I had never seen anything like this DIY mermaid blanket at any stores. Who wouldn’t want to be cozy and warm while looking like a mermaid?


All you’ll need besides a sewing machine and pins is 2 colors of fleece (they used dark green and mint green), and some optional stuffing and extra fabric if you want your tail to be nice and fluffy.

First, you’ll want to lay down on your darker colored fleece and trace all around your body, leaving a few inches of space around so there’s extra room. then you’ll want to fold over your fabric and cut so both sides are symmetrical.

Then you’ll want to cut your tail. Use the lighter fleece and fold it in half. Then draw one side of a mermaid tail and cut to get your final shape!

Repeat these steps and sew the copies together with the good sides facing each other so you can flip it inside out. Stuff the tail by sewing additional fabric to the inside, leaving a gap for stuffing. Stuff it, then sew up the gap. Then you can make an optional “mermaid belt” like they do in the video!

After that, you’re all done! Making one of these for a little one is a great gift, or you can fulfill your wildest dream and be a mermaid yourself. Let me know how it turns out and share this so your mermaid-loving friends can do it too!


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