Wreaths Aren’t Just For Winter – Glue 5 Things Together For The Easiest Summer Wreath Ever


Factory Direct Craft / YouTube


I have a bone to pick. There’s something I just don’t understand.

Wreaths are gorgeous and add such a pretty touch to whatever door or wall you hang them on. Most people tend to use wreaths only during the fall and winter seasons.


I say wreaths should be used all-year round. Nothing looks better on the front door, and it looks so bare without one! How are people not using them more often?

Since summer is coming up, I decided I wanted to break the trend and make a wreath for the hot months.

I stumbled on this log slice wreath from Factory Direct Craft, and I knew it was perfect for summer time. I just had to make it!

Making a log slice wreath is surprisingly easy. You start out with a foam wreath form from the craft store, some mini log slices, moss, some burlap ribbon, and some fake flowers for decoration.

You’ll also need some scissors, hot glue, a floral stem, and wire to put the wreath together.

Putting it together is pretty self explanatory: just glue the log pieces to the wreath form. Fill in the gaps with moss, and decorate with a small bouquet of fake flowers tied together with some wire.

Cut some burlap ribbon, tie a bow and hold it in place with a floral stem. Glue these decorations to the wreath, and you’re done!

I think the best thing about this log wreath is its versatility. You can make it apply to any season by just switching up decorations and color schemes!

If you want to learn how to make one of these gorgeous wreaths more in-depth, watch Factory Direct Craft‘s video below, and be sure to share it with your friends!