Wonky Christmas Tree Quilt Celebrates The Season In The Most Unique Way


Leah Day / YouTube


When it comes to Christmas quilting, most people like to go for the classic designs and colors. Red and green, trees and snowflakes, you get the picture.

If you’re like me, you may want to step away from the status quo very once in a while, finding a way to celebrate the season in an unconventional way. This is how to do it.


These blocks are called “wonky Christmas trees” and they have all of the attitude of a Christmas tree but with a quirky little twist: they only slightly resemble Christmas trees!

YouTuber Leah Day uses a ton of colorful fabrics to create these trees, along with a solid gray background. You’ll sew together a pattern of offset strips and cut them into triangles.

You’ll surround those triangles with your background fabric, and then you’ll be done with your block! If you want to stay a little more traditional, you can stick with Christmasy colors.

Regardless of how you decide to put these little trees together,¬†you’ll love the finished product. All you need is to sew them together, add some batting, a backing, and a border, and it’s done!

No matter what this quilt ends up becoming, one thing’s for sure: it’s somehow festive and completely unique. It’s something you’ve never done before, and every quilter should add this to their collection.

What will you be quilting this season?


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