With One Easy Hack, You Can Create This “Cool Water” Quilt Effortlessly


Fons & Porter / YouTube


Cool Water Quilting

I’ve felt like I was in the need of a new quilt pattern that was just as easy as it was stunning. I didn’t know what to make. That’s when I found this beautiful quilt.


You just need one easy hack to make it, and it isn’t what you’d probably think. Want to make it yourself? Here’s how.

How It’s Done

Watching this quilt being made was a stunning process. It looks like an incredibly intricate quilt, made of what seems like millions of different strips.

But everything isn’t always what it seems, especially when it comes to this quilt. This isn’t only easy to make, it’s practically effortless. 

All you need to do is sew together some strip sets in groups of 3. As you do this, cut those sewn together strip sets into equally sized squares. 

From here, create half square triangles out of the different squares of strip sets. You can make two at once with one easy hack.

Stack strip squares on top of one another. Draw a line diagonally through the middle, and with right sides together, sew on both sides of that line. 

Cut down the line, then press both half square triangles open. From here, you can arrange these to create your quilt top just like the ladies at Fons & Porter.

Watch the video down below so you can get started on your own!