With Just 2 Items, Craft This Must-Have Travel Bag


ateloerRuth / YouTube


I love making simple things that are quick and cheap to make, but don’t look like they are, and this bag definitely fits that bill! These are fabulous gifts for your friends and family and take no time at all to make. The friends that I’ve gifted these to love them!

If you have a girl in your life, regardless of age, you’ve probably realized that she can never have too many bags. This DIY drawstring bag is fun and simple to make, and is the perfect addition to any girl’s collection.


There are so many fabrics available in squares now that it’s also an affordable craft. Have some extra fabric scraps? You could also make this bag from the scraps left over from another project, or out of a bandana.

This bag can be made in any size or in multiple sizes for a set, so whatever fabric you having lying around will be perfect for this project!

This is a wonderful thing to put your jewelry in while traveling. I have used mine for this purpose, but you can also keep your medicine, makeup or anything that you want to keep at your fingertips!

These adorable little DIY drawstring bags make keeping your jewelry safe while they hide out in your luggage. A drawstring bag like this one is essential in keeping things safe while traveling. When you keep a necklace in each, there is no way they can get tangled up in one another!

The possibilities for these bags are endless, so I’m going to have a ton of them lying around my house ready to use at all times.

Watch this simple step by step tutorial and you’ll be on your way to making one of these little bags!