Why Your Dishwasher Is A Hurricane Safe Haven For Your Belongings


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Last year, Hurricane Irma blasted its way through Florida. Before the storm hit, Facebook user Anna Kearns shared an insanely helpful– and slightly unconventional– hurricane tip.



That’s right, if you empty your dishwasher and use it to store all of your valuables, it’s more likely to survive a storm!

Dishwashers are waterproof from both the inside and outside: they’re designed to keep water inside, so it’s an air-tight seal that will keep water out.

It also is bolted to your cabinets, meaning it’s secure and more likely to survive a storm. Not to mention they’re great for storage in general: the little racks will be able to hold a ton of stuff.

With Hurricane Florence well on its way to the Carolinas, this is a tip to keep in mind. It’s always best to take your valuables with you, but if you can’t take your things, this is perfect.

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Stay safe!