When Keeping Warm Turns Dangerous: How To Use An Electric Blanket Safely


Westend61 / Getty Images


When it comes to cold weather, I always turn to my electric blanket. It keeps me warm like nothing else can, and I know I can count on it no matter the weather.


That is, if I make sure I’m safe while using it. Electric blankets can cause fires or worse if used incorrectly, so make sure to follow these 5 tips to ensure your safety:

Make Sure The Blanket Is Over You, Not Under You

The coils in the blanket could get damaged if too much weight is put on it, so be sure to place the blanket over you when you want to use it.

Do NOT Fall Asleep With The Blanket On, And Always Turn It Off

This is a fire hazard if left on for too long. Some blankets are rated okay to use overnight, but be careful when doing so. It definitely can be dangerous, especially for infants, the elderly, or the disabled.

Don’t Thread The Cord Between The Mattress

The cord could heat up and potentially cause a fire, so be sure to keep it away from your mattress!

Keep Pets Away

Sharp teeth or claws can cause a ton of issues, including punctures to the blanket or even electrocution. Keep pets away from the blanket at all costs.

Don’t Wash Your Electric Blanket

Gross, I know, but throwing your electric blanket in the washer could easily damage the wiring, ruining your blanket or worse. Just use the blanket on special occasions to keep it clean.


Stay warm this season, and stay safe!