Use Old Scraps, Trims, & More To Make Customized Fabric


stitchesbyjulia / YouTube


Do you have a ton of fabric scraps left over from projects?

They pile up in your closet or craft room and you aren’t quite sure what to do with them. Here’s a cool project to make use of them– make new fabric!


I love how the finished scrap project looks so Bohemian…one of my favorite looks! She uses the resulting fabric on the front of some dollar store journals to add some great pops of color, making them really pretty.

The best thing about this project is how personalized it is. You can make this look however you want, and the result is always amazing!

I’ve always loved scrap fabrics used in quilts because of all the memories they hold and I feel the same with this project. Whether you use this fabric to make blocks or something else, each piece of fabric will hold memories.

You can add other things to this fabric, such as dried flowers or other thin momentos that you can sew into place. Julia adds trim, fabric, words, and excess fabric.

She sews all of this in place with some free motion stitching over a larger piece of excess fabric. She covers the piece with a clear film and it makes everything stick in place. Then she has brand new fabric!

Press play on the video below and watch how stitchesbyjulia does this clever scrap fabric project. You’ll never have to throw out your scraps again!