Use Dollar Store Shelf Liners To Make A Wreath


JackiePlus3Boys / YouTube


JackiePlus3Boys / YouTubeDuring the fall and winter, everyone I know seems to have a wreath on their door. Whether it’s covered in leaves, made from burlap, or ringing in the Christmas season before Halloween even begins, I see wreaths everywhere during this time of year.


The problem with following this trend is the fact that wreaths can be super expensive. The solution to this dilemma? Make your own wreath!

Making a wreath is a surefire way to save some bucks decorating during the fall and winter, and when you see this wreath-making hack, you’ll use it and save even more.

Use dollar store shelf liners to make your wreath! That’s right, those rubbery shelf liners can be cut and folded up to create a beautiful burlap-looking wreath. 

Wanna get started making your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6-7 dollar store shelf liners
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • chenille stems or floral wire
  • 120 zip ties
  • measuring tape
  • ruler
  • wire wreath form
  • decorations of choice (flowers, berries, leaves, etc.)

First, cut 6″x6″ squares of your shelf liners, creating roughly 20 squares out of each of your liners. Next, attach the shelf liners to the frame.

Lay your square out and gather it up through the middle, making a little bowtie. Take one of your zip ties and wrap it around, and gather it in the middle.

Wrap the zip tie around your wreath form. You’ll need about 10 of these per section of the wreath. Tie off the zip tie and use your wire cutters to remove the excess zip tie.

For more on how this is done, watch JackiePlus3Boys’ video below. You’re gonna love making this!

JackiePlus3Boys / YouTube