Upside-Down Makeup For Halloween


Taylor R / YouTube


I came across a crazy makeup look recently that I thought would be awesome for Halloween– and it’s all upside down!

That’s right, just recreate a face on your forehead using your eyes as a guide. It’s slightly terrifying to look at, but the results are so cool, that I’m gonna do it anyway.


For this look, you’re going to want to start with a clean face. From there, you’ll glue down your eyebrows. Don’t worry, this sounds a lot scarier than it actually is.

Take a washable glue stick and run it back and forth through your eyebrows to coat the hairs thoroughly. Run it down one more time in the direction of growth to keep the hairs down against your skin.

Once it dries, you’ll want to use a full coverage foundation all over your face, including the eyebrows. Then, you’ll want to go under the eyes and create new eyebrows!

These eyebrows can be made however you want them to be made: with an eyebrow pencil, gel, eyeshadow, or whatever else you have available.

Then, you’ll want to make a new nose. Sculpt it out of scar wax or liquid latex (or whatever else you have,) on your forehead, making the nostrils face your hairline.

Draw on some upside down lips with lipstick, do your eye makeup upside down, and continue to go with the theme.

Watch Taylor R’s video down below for all of the nitty-gritty details, and you’ll be all ready for Halloween!

Would you try Halloween makeup like this?