This Pin Cushion Is Also A Wristlet


Annika Victoria / YouTube


The Ultimate Pin Cushion

I’m an avid sewer and quilter, and that means I’ve collected a lot of pin cushions over the years. Though I love all of the adorable ones sitting in my sewing room, there’s one type that is much more useful.


It’s an upcycled wristlet that allows you to have your pins literally on you while you sew. This makes projects beyond simple, because whenever you need a pin, it’s right there.

That’s not even the best part of this wristlet. Not only is this useful because it sits around your wrist for easy pin access, but it’s useful because it allows you to use up some otherwise useless fabric scraps!

Wanna make this yourself? No problem. YouTuber Annika Victoria teaches us how in her video tutorial, and it’s incredibly easy. So grab those fabric scraps and let’s get started!

Making The Cushion

To get started, you’ll obviously need to grab your fabric scraps, some stuffing, and your pins. In addition to these things, you’ll need a small jar lid and some ribbon or cording to wrap around your wrist.

Now for putting it all together. Start by sewing up a super small cushion that will fit on the lid. You can also spray paint the lid if you’d like. Add your wristlet as shown in the video below.

Add the cushion to your lid, then add your pins, and you’re completely done and ready to use the pin cushion. It’s so easy to make, so easy to use, and so useful for every project.

Check out the video below and get started on your own!