Unique Ribbons Around A Pole Quilt Couldn’t Be Any Easier To Make


Man Sewing / YouTube


Ribbons Around A Pole

This may be the most unique quilt I’ve come across in recent memory. Not only is it gorgeous and something you’ve never seen before, but it may be one of the easiest quilts you’ll ever make.


Rob Appell from Man Sewing stitches together this super cute quilt, inspired by ribbons wrapping around a pole. With 4 fabrics, you can create the most gorgeous optical illusion.

Believe it or not, this whole quilt is made up of entirely half square triangles. It’s all in the arrangement and choice of colors that makes it look as incredible as it does.

How It’s Done

To get started with this, you may want to print out this free pattern from Rob. It’ll help lay everything out for you when you’re sewing everything.

You’ll need 4 different fabrics: 2 ribbon colors, a pole color, and a background color. Your finished quilt top will be all identical half square triangles.

There will be 4 different types of half square triangles that create this ribbon around a pole effect. It really is all in the arrangement and it couldn’t be any easier if you tried. 

Watch Rob stitch together is easy and beautiful quilt in the video below. It may be the easiest project you make this year!