Unicorn Lovers Will Scream Once They See This DIY Dreamcatcher


Kim Crystal / YouTube


Dreamcatchers are an American Indian tradition from the Chippewa tribe. They would tie sinew strands in a web around a frame and hang it as a charm to protect children from nightmares.

I’ve loved dreamcatchers ever since I was a little girl. The history behind them and the gorgeous look they give any room always mesmerized me.


I never thought I’d see a twist on a dreamcatcher quite this extreme, but I absolutely love it. Taking a dreamcatcher and making it look like a unicorn? Genius.

Here’s what you need to make it:

  • 2 hoops (one larger than the other)
  • Ribbon
  • Lace in the same color as the ribbon
  • Tassels to act as the hair
  • A unicorn horn with ears and any other decorations you’d like (similar to this unicorn headband tutorial below)
  • Hot glue
  • Something to hang the dreamcatcher with (a loop of cord, more ribbon etc.)

First, wrap both of your hoops in the ribbon, and wrap/glue the two together. Then, use lace to wrap the empty spaces to make more of a horse head shape. Glue to secure in place.

Weave the inside of your dreamcatcher bu making loops around the outside, then looping through those loops to created a web. You can add beads if you’d like, or follow a basic web design.

Once those are weaved, you can add your decorations. Tie tassels on one edge for hair, and glue your unicorn horn piece to the top of the larger hoop. Add your way to hang the dreamcatcher, and you’re done!

For some more details, the full tutorial on how to make this beauty is below.

Any unicorn lover is going to love this, so I can’t wait to get to work on one of these for my little niece! She can’t get enough unicorn in her life.

Who are you going to make yours for?