Ultra-Useful Zipper Pouch Is Gorgeous & Easy To Sew


quilttv / YouTube


Zipper Pouch

Got a quilt block that you love? Turn it into a little zipper pouch! Not only does it allow you to take that block with you on the go, but it’s a useful storage solution, too!


I use my zipper pouch to store thread in my sewing room. The pouch allows me to organize my threads by weight so I can grab whichever bag I need as I go!

You can use this zipper pouch for truly any purpose, though. It even makes a great pencil pouch for school or office supplies!

Wanna make one of these easy DIY pouches yourself?┬áLet’s get started!

Making The Pouch

To make this, you’ll need a quilt block of your choice (this lady from quilttv uses a simple star block), a back panel of fabric, an optional lining, and, of course, a zipper.

Make your block of choice, or grab it if it’s already finished. Now, cut a piece of solid fabric the same size as that block.

If you’d like a lining to your pouch, cut additional fabric a bit smaller than those two blocks to sew a mini pouch inside of the big one.

Of course, in addition to these things, you will need a zipper to zip up the pouch itself. Putting this together is super simple, so watch quilttv‘s video below to get a better idea of how it’s done.

Good luck!