“Tumbling Tumbleweeds” Is The Easiest Project You’ll Do This Year


Fons & Porter / YouTube


Easy Pattern, Beautiful Results

I love easy quilt patterns that look like they’re really hard to make. I’ve been quilting for a long time, but there’s nothing better than actually finishing a project, so the easier, the better!


Recently I found a quilt that fits the description perfectly. It’s just a ton of strip sets arranged in a way that creates a crazy intricate block. Once you get started, you’ll finish it in no time.

Fons & Porter‘s Colleen creates this “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” quilt in her easy-to-follow tutorial. It looks like a ton of work, but it really couldn’t be any more simple.

How It’s Done 

All you’re going to do is sew together 4 strips of fabric. You’ll do this with 3 or 4 sets of strips. Then, you’ll cut blocks out of this to make equal sized squares.

From here, you’ll want to cut these into half square triangles. From here, you’ll make a giant block by mixing and matching these triangles— 8 of them to be exact– into one big block.

Once you sew these blocks together, it creates a stunningly intricate quilt that could catch anyone’s eye. Watch Fons & Porter‘s video below to get started on yours.

Good luck!