Beautifully-Easy Letter Boards That Fit Any Budget


TheSorryGirls / YouTube


Letter boards are everywhere right now. I see them in restaurants, clothing stores, and of course, design magazines.

Since these letter boards are so popular, a lot of them are super expensive, especially the felt ones. So instead, why not make your own?


This tutorial by The Sorry Girls makes the entire process easy. All you need is:

  • a frame of your choice
  • some felt
  • some hot glue
  • foam core in 3/16″ strips and one strip in 3/32″ for a spacer
  • exacto knife
  • two plastic cards to push in the felt
  • standard 3/4″ plastic letter board letters

Insert the spacer into your frame, followed by one of the 3/16″ strips, gluing that one down. Repeat this process until you’ve filled the entire frame.

Then, once it all dries, you’ll want to push in your felt. Cut the felt to width, but keep the length until you’re done. Use a couple of credit cards to do this, then cut off the excess felt when you’re done.

Insert your message and it’s ready to hang up!¬†All the style for way less money.

What will you put in yours?