Trash Your Pincushions – Dress Mannequin Cushions Do So Much More


ThePassionForCraft / YouTube


I love unique pin cushions. If there’s a cute pattern for a pin cushion that I’ve never seen before, then I always give them a try. I think I’ve found my all time favorite.

Not only do these in cushions make an elegant little addition to your sewing room, but they are phenomenally useful outside of the sewing room too!


I had a lot of fun making these with my daughter.  I figured she was going to use hers as a decoration, but she used it to stick her earrings into. For little ones, you can use this as a dress form for dolls!

This pattern is one of the most customizable I’ve ever seen. You can add any kind of bling you want to to these adorable pin cushions, with any kind of fabric and whatever pedestal you want.

For the pedestals you can use a small candle holder, painted wooden dowels, or pour a small amount of concrete into miniature tin buckets. The possibilities with these never end.

I use dollar store candle holders for mine. So cute!

The pattern is really easy to follow, so now I make these for my friends all the time! If you want to get started on yours, watch the tutorial below. I’m sure you’ll love yours as much as I love mine!

If you prefer a physical pattern, click here!