Transform Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into Gold: The Greatest Turkey Panini


Food Network / YouTube


I love Thanksgiving. Getting to see your family and eat like a pig? Yes please. There’s one other thing to love on Thanksgiving. Well, after Thanksgiving, really. Leftovers!


You gotta love being able to eat all of that delicious food for a few days after the big meal, but if you’re anything like me, sometimes you wanna mix it up a little bit.

That’s where Ree Drummond’s leftover Thanksgiving panini comes in! The Pioneer Woman shows everyone how to make this amazing panini in the video below, and I’m so “thankful” for that.

Here’s what you’re gonna need to make this awesome panini:

The crunchy bread along with all of those leftovers and additional flavors Ree incorporates really creates a delicious sandwich. Not only that, but it’s my favorite way to use leftovers!

You’re gonna love making and eating this panini. It turns that Thanksgiving meal into something totally new and addicting in its own right.

What the written recipe? Click here for Food Network‘s instructions on how to get this sandwich picture perfect.

Watch Ree make this sandwich in the video below, then give it a shot yourself!