Tranquil Triangles Quilt: So Simple, You Can Stitch It In Your Sleep


Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube


Tranquil Triangles

I’ve done it: I may have found the easiest-to-make quilt ever (well, if you don’t count a single piece of fabric as a quilt top, that is).

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It’s called “Tranquil Triangles,” and it’s just that: an easy to make quilt made entirely of half square triangles. Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company stitches it up in her video tutorial below.

The quilt top may only be half square triangles, but it’s still nice to know exactly how Jenny does this. It makes a simple project ever easier! So to get started, gather the following materials:

Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube

Stitching It Up

As you can see with the diagram above, the block is simply a ton of half square triangles facing the same direction.

To spruce it up a little bit, use multiple colors of print fabric and a neutral background fabric. You’ll need to arrange the quilt once the blocks are done in order to get the print Jenny created.

Creating that print is easy: just have the triangle blocks face one another! Once four are facing one another, create another foursome, and repeat until the quilt is done!

Creating this super cute quilt takes very little time, especially when you do it the way Jenny recommends. Just watch her tutorial below and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s too easy!

Good luck!


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