Tips & Tricks For Looking Flawless This Valentine’s Day


Lauren Curtis / YouTube, KathleenLights / YouTube


Looking Gorgeous On V-Day

Valentine’s Day is on its way. If you’re like me, you’re scrambling to find a makeup look to wear. Whether you’re like me and you’re getting dinner with friends, or you’re going out with a special someone…


Now, I can’t dictate your personal style. I can only tell you what I feel dictates a classic Valentine’s Day look. YouTubers Lauren Curtis and Kathleen Fuentes of KathleenLights are gonna help me out.

Whether you like something bold and dramatic or simple and girly, one thing stays the same: you want to focus on having your skin shine.

When your skin looks like it’s glowing from within, with chiseled, rosy cheeks. Both Lauren and Kathleen do this with their makeup.

As for your base, you can go as little or as full coverage as you’d like. If you use a sheerer foundation, use concealer to completely cover up what you want unseen.

Concealer also helps you look more awake and youthful when placed under the eyes.

There are benefits for both: a more full coverage foundation leaves your skin looking utterly flawless, while something a bit more sheer lets things like freckles shine through. Think your skin, just a bit better.

Also, be sure to groom your eyebrows how you’d like. With eyes being the windows to the soul, the eyebrows are kind of like the curtains. You want them looking good!

Now for the eyes and lips. For the eyes, you just want to make sure you’re comfortable in what you wear and you aren’t messing with your eyes all night. Wear as much or as little eyeshadow as you’d like.

If you’d like to go all-out, you can wear rosy-toned eyeshadows like rose golds, pinks, mauves, or even reds! You can also opt to wear winged liner and/or false lashes like Lauren did in her tutorial.

Now the lips. Obviously, reds and pinks are customary, but keep in mind whether or not you’re going to be doing any kissing.┬áIf so, you may want to stick with a stain or gloss without a ton of pigment.

But once again, up to you. For me, my valentine’s must-haves are:

  • concealer to cover unwanted imperfections
  • blush to make you flush
  • highlighter to make you glow
  • mascara to make your lashes fluttery and flirty
  • some sort of eyebrow product

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate, Happy Valentine’s Day, and I hope your makeup is everything you want and more.

If you want to copy want Lauren and Kathleen did, watch their tutorials above and below!