This Tiny Block Quilt Really Can’t Get Any Easier


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


Quilting is a tedious process. Cutting all of the blocks, sewing blocks together, attaching them to the background fabric, adding the batting, binding, border, and backing… it can take a long time.

Well, at least it used to. I found a quilting tutorial that is by far the fastest quilt I have ever made. I honestly don’t think it can get easier than this.


Here’s how you make it.

What You’ll Need Is:

  • Background Fabric
  • Backing Fabric
  • Batting
  • Charm packs or scraps (2.5″ squares)
  • Quilting Ruler (with 2.5″ and 1.5″ measurements)
  • Basting Glue
  • Walking Foot (not mandatory, but makes it easier)
  • Marking Pencils

First, you’re going to use your ruler to create a grid pattern across your background fabric. It’ll be 2.5″, then 1.5″, then 2.5″, and so on. You’ll do this across both sides of the fabric and it will form the grid.

Arrange your 2.5″ squares around the 2.5″ designations in the grid. Use your basting glue to glue the squares in place after you arrange them how you like them.

When you quilt these in place, use the grid lines as a guide– but not to sew down the line. Rather, you want to place the side of your foot on that line.

You’ll follow the stitch line all the way across the quilt, and repeat this 3 more times to keep the tiny blocks in place.

Square off and trim your quilt, add your bindings, and borders if you’d like, and finish it off by throwing it in the wash to get rid of all of those markings.

That’s it, you’re done!┬áIt really can’t get much easier than that.