This Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Couldn’t Be Easier To Make


Chris Notap / YouTube


Many of us have struggled with squirrels on our bird feeds and have tried all sorts of solutions, but they all tend to fail.

I love squirrels, but bird food is expensive. These cute little monsters chase off the birds, eat all the seeds, and can chew bird feeders up.


With this bird feeder you can finally keep the squirrels out of your birds seed and the squirrels will still get enough food from the seeds, the birds are throwing overboard.

All you’ll need is an old aquarium (he got his from a thrift store), some copper piping, something to cut the pipe with, silicone, wood, and seed. That’s it!

Building it is super easy. Cut the copper piping and build a sort of “wall” out of it by sticking these pieces together with silicone.

Add wood to the aquarium, the piping “wall,” and some seed, and you’re done!

Need some more details?

Watch how this bird feeder is made in Chris Notap’s step by step tutorial below, and keep your squirrels at bay!