Hack Turns A Men’s Flannel Shirt Into A Dress


Owlipop DIY / YouTube


DIY Plaid Dress

Plaid dresses have made a comeback. They’re in fashion magazines, all over runways, and in boutiques all around the world.


These oh-so-1990s dresses are at the top of the trends list. I’ve seen a ton of people wearing these cute little dresses in a ton of different ways.

Because they’re back on-trend, you’ll notice that they can err on the expensive side. In fact, you will probably notice that a lot of them are just plain not affordable.

The solution? Grab a men’s flannel shirt and turn it into one of those dresses! Owlipop DIY on YouTube made a tutorial for making one of these babies, and it’s easy.

Getting Started

Begin by buttoning the flannel shirt and ironing it flat so when you start cutting it, it stays in place and comes out evenly. Then, you can start cutting off the sleeves.

Then, you’ll cut off the shoulders and the collar in a straight line. Then, if you want to stick to the exact look of the dresses in the store, remove the pocket.

Now, to make an exact match for your body, use a dress that fits you really well as a pattern to stitch up the fabric. 

Sew up the bodice of the dress. From there, you’ll want to add straps to make the dress wearable.

You can change the fit to make it loose or tight-fitting, add the pocket to a different location, hem it differently to change the length, and more!

For more tips and tricks for sewing up this dress, watch Owlipop DIY‘s video below. Then you can get started on your own.

Good luck!