This Perfectly Ooey-Gooey Queso Has The Texan Spice Every Dip Needs


Food Wishes / YouTube


For The Love Of Queso

There are few dips that compliment a tortilla chip the way that a warm queso dip does. Sure, guacamole is great, and salsa is delicious, but ooey-gooey spicy queso? It’s unbeatable.


Especially when it’s this queso. Chef John from has created the ultimate queso dip. It’s the perfect balance of melty, salty cheese, and spicy peppery veggies. I could eat the whole bowl myself!

If you’d like to try this authentic and truly amazing queso dip, let’s start by gathering the ingredients you’ll need. 

You will need:

When you put all of this stuff together, trust me, there’s nothing else like it. It’s beyond incredible just like that, but there are a ton of other ways to enjoy this queso.

I’ve tossed this dip with some macaroni for a truly spectacular mac & cheese. I’ve changed up the cheeses as well, using pepper jack for an extra kick!

No matter how you decide to make this dip and no matter how you serve it, you’re guaranteed to love it. Watch Chef John whip it up in the video below, then try it yourself!