This Material You Already Have Makes Gorgeous Wall Art Absolutely Free


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MadeByFate / YouTubeOne Easy

Nothing completes a home quite like the right piece of wall art. Finding the right one isn’t easy, either. You want it to match everything in your house, and sometimes that’s hard to find.


Luckily there’s a way to fix that: make your own wall art! I’m not just talking paintings, either. Nope, you can make full-on decorative art pieces easily, and you probably already have what you need!

Take this easy wall art, for example. It’s made from pieces of cardboard from an old box. It’s a great way to recycle!

If you’d rather not make wall art out of cardboard, not to worry, just head to the dollar store. With just a few dollar store frames, you can get a super similar effect.

MadeByFate / YouTube

Now on to making the wall art. If you’re using cardboard, start by cutting out the frame-like shapes you see in the finished product. A box cutter is perfect for this.

If you aren’t using the cardboard, you can skip this step and move on to simply painting each frame. The best part about this is you can customize this to look however you want it to.

Change your paint colors to fit whatever aesthetic you’re going for. You can paint patterns or abstract splatters or whatever else you’d like. The choice is entirely yours!

MadeByFate / YouTube

Once you’ve painted, it’s time to attach the frames together. Some hot glue and strips of cardboard should do the trick for this one. Easy!

Then it’s time to wait for everything to completely dry, and you can hang it up. Easy, huh? And just a few dollars! What could be better than that?

Check out the video below for more on how to do this, and have fun!


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