This Hack Cleans Your Pool For Under $5


Sharkies Pool Service / Facebook, Lisa Pack / Facebook


It’s Pool Season

When it’s hot outside, it’s time to get in the pool. For me, a California native, that’s more often than not, meaning my pool is being used all the time.


If you have a pool, then you know how difficult it is to clean.

Still water gets green, leaves and dirt fall into it, and so much more. Hiring a pool cleaning service costs a ton of money.

Recently, I stumbled upon a hack that makes owning a pool a lot easier. You’ll still need to skim out those leaves and dirt, but you can say goodbye to the green while you sleep.

Clean In No Time

Green pools are gross, even when you use a net to get rid of all the dirt and leaves, it still isn’t something you particularly want to swim in. Sure, it’s probably safe, but you deserve better.

They’re covered in algae, and even if they aren’t particularly “dirty,” they still aren’t what you want. Everyone wants their pool to be a crystal clear blue.

Instead of hiring a pool cleaning service, you can take your little skimming basket and do something incredibly cheap with it that will make your pool looking perfect in no time.

This hack comes from Facebook user Lisa Pack. She claims that all you need to get a perfectly clean pool is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Depending on how green your pool is, throw one or more Magic Erasers into your skimmer basket and let them sit overnight. When you wake up, your pool will be significantly better!

Give this a try and you’ll see how amazing it truly is. Thanks Lisa!