This Free Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern Is Gorgeous & Easy As Can Be


Sew Very Easy / YouTube


When it comes to decorating for Christmas, arguably the most important part is the tree. It’s a centerpiece of holiday cheer, the thing you and your family focus on decorating the most.


Besides just putting on ornaments, tinsel, and a tree topper, a skirt is a must. The presents go under the tree. Might as well give them something beautiful to sit on!

This tree skirt is gorgeous, easy to make, and the best part of all… the pattern is completely free!

What I love the most about this tree skirt pattern is how eclectic it is. All of the Christmasy patterns and the super cute shape really make your tree shine.

Laura Anna Coia from Sew Very Easy stitches up this easy and adorable tree skirt in her video tutorial.

The majority of the pattern is this blade template, which you can find by clicking here.

Once you stitch all of those blades together in a circle, you’re done! You can alter the size of the blades to create a smaller table centerpiece, or larger for a massive tree.

Watch Laura sew up this tree skirt below and make sure you put your own under your tree this year… it really is “sew” very easy!