This Floral Quilt Pattern May Look Complicated, But It Couldn’t Be Any Easier


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


I fell in love with this quilt the second I laid eyes on it. Who wouldn’t want a quilt covered in flowers and butterflies?

I knew I wanted it right away, so I got to work. The pattern is super easy to follow, as most of SewVeryEasy‘s tutorials are.


She uses 12 fat quarters to make the quilt. The main block is gorgeous and easy yet looks complicated. The other blocks are simple strips or nine square blocks. It couldn’t be any easier!

Here’s what you need for each main block:

  • One 2.5″ square of fabric for the center
  • Four 2.5″ squares to go around the center, of a different fabric
  • Eight 2.5″ squares to go around that, of yet another fabric
  • Four 2.5″ squares of a solid fabric for the corners
  • Four 2.5″ x 6.5″ strips of that same solid fabric for the border

When everything is sewn together as Laura shows below, it’ll equal 10.5″ total. It ends up looking like a little star when it’s all done, and it couldn’t be any cuter.

The center is a simple 9 square block, and the outside are pieces of a snowball, both super easy quilting techniques. Together? They look like it took you hours.

Want to learn more?

Watch how Laura Coia with SewVeryEasy makes this beautiful quilt in her step by step tutorial below, then give it a try yourself!