This Easy Turkey Kitchen Towel Is The Perfect Gift For Your Thanksgiving Chef


Nancy's Notions / YouTube


November is here, meaning it’s basically Thanksgiving. You may have some time before the day itself, but the festivities are already under way.


Preparation for Thanksgiving takes time, and everyone needs a finishing touch that will make the holiday extra special. As someone who sews, my finishing touch always involves a sewing project.

This easy towel looks like a little turkey. It’s so cute, so quick and simple to make, and perfect for adding a little festive spirit to your kitchen!

Even better, if you aren’t cooking this year, give it to someone who is cooking to show your appreciation before you devour their hours of hard work.

Here’s how to sew it up.

What you’ll need is:

  • 1 towel that matches your turkey fabric
  • 3 strips of fabric, each 4.5″ wide
  • Fabric for the eyes, beak, waddle, eyebrows, drumsticks, and feet
  • 2-sided iron-on interfacing
  • Ruffler foot for your sewing machine

Fold your towel however you’d like it. Start by using your ruffler foot to sew on your strips of fabric, layering them into little ruffles at one end of the towel.

Once that’s done, cut out pieces of fabric to resemble the turkey’s face as well as feet and drumsticks. Attach your interfacing to that, and iron that on to your towel however you’d like.

Do that, and you’re done! This cute little towel is the perfect kitchen decoration while you’re chatting with family and cooking that huge dinner!

Modify this little towel for all sorts of holidays: make a Santa towel, an Easter towel, and so much more. I love this little turkey towel and I’m definitely going to have this on hand this Thanksgiving!