This Easy Holiday Hack Keeps All Of Your Stuff Safe While Shopping


Windham, NH Police Department / Facebook


It’s the holidays, meaning it’s shopping season. With shopping season comes a lot of people, and with a lot of people comes the risk of some of those people being jerks.


To prevent those holiday shopping jerks from taking advantage of all of the purses around, protect your bag by making sure it stays exactly where you want it!

This tip is from the Windham, New Hampshire Police Department, and it is genius.

Basically, use the shopping cart’s seat belt to your advantage if there is one. Make sure your bag is zipped closed, then loop the seat belt through the strap(s).

If there isn’t a seat belt to clip, buy a super cheap carabiner clip. Clip the straps together, attach it to the cart, and you’re good to go!

This awesome hack keeps your stuff exactly where you want it while you’re doing your holiday shopping. I don’t know about you, but this is a lifesaver for me! I’ll never have to worry again!

No matter what you’re shopping for this season, you can stay focused on your shopping. Thanks, WNHPD!

Is this your new go-to shopping safety tip? What other holiday shopping tips do you have to keep your stuff safe?