This Cheap Backyard Movie Theater Is Summer’s Ultimate DIY


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Backyard Movie Theater

Michelle Bozeman / YouTube

Growing up, I was always enamored by the idea of the drive-in theater. Watching a movie in your car is like your own mini theater, and I always loved that.


Nowadays, drive-ins still exist, but not nearly as much as they used to. Instead, people watch movies in the comfort of a movie theater or their own homes.

Some people are lucky enough to have their own private movie theater at home, and I’m not talking about your TV and some microwave popcorn.

My favorite home theater is the backyard theater, especially during the summer. Imagine this: laying in your backyard on the perfect seats of your choice, watching a movie under the stars.

Kids and adults alike love this DIY. Creating a backyard theater is a lot easier and a lot cheaper than you may think it would be. In fact, it’s actually pretty cheap.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • a projector that is compatible with being outside (if you can find a waterproof one, perfect!)
  • a screen to project on (or a wall or something similar)
  • speakers if the projector doesn’t come with one
  • seats (this could be pillows and blankets, chairs, whatever you want!)

In addition to these, you’ll obviously need to connect something to the projector to play your movie, some movie snacks, and your movie of choice.

Set up the projector to project on to your screen or wall. Set up the chairs/pillows/blankets to face this screen. Set up your speaker if necessary.

Make your snacks, sit out, and watch your movie. You’re done! Easy, huh?

Mike Walls / YouTube

Check out HGTV’s video below for more on how this is done. You’ll be using this setup all summer long!